Callisto 5 / Callisto#7: Further Reading

Alan Ayckbourn's Archivist Simon Murgatroyd answers some of the most frequently asked questions about Alan Ayckbourn's Callisto 5 / Callisto#7. If you have a question about this or any other of Alan Ayckbourn's plays, you can contact the website via the Contact Us page.

Which is the preferred text of the Callisto plays?
The playwright's preferred text is Callisto#7, which he believes is a more dramatically satisfying play, predominantly due to having two protagonists in the siblings which generates drama of its own.

Is it possible to perform Callisto#7?
Yes, although it has not been published. All production enquires - both amateur and professional - should be directed to Alan Ayckbourn's agents Casarotto Ramsay.

All research for this page by Simon Murgatroyd.