Callisto 5 / Callisto#7 (1990 / 1999)

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Callisto 5 Premiere: 12 December 1990
Venue: Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round, Scarborough
London Premiere: N/A

Callisto#7 Premiere: 4 December 1999
Venue: Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough
London Premiere: N/A

Play Number: 41
Published: Samuel French (Callisto 5 only)

Short Synopsis: Set on a space station on the moon of Callisto, a young boy Jem and his sister Jodie - whose parents disappeared on an expedition years earlier - find themselves trying to outwit an invisible alien which has apparently infiltrated the station.

Amateur: Apply to Concord Theatricals (Callisto 5); Casarotto Ramsay (Callisto#7).
Professional: Apply to Casarotto Ramsay.

Callisto#7 Quote
"That is the other development that I wanted to bring to your attention, Jem. The creature is not in the airlock."
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